Google Related Links With Ads

    April 5, 2006

This didn’t take too long: As Google Blogoscoped shows, one blogger has already figured out how to combine Google Related Links with advertising, simply by putting the Links box on top of an AdSense ad.

This seems to work best with link ad units, but I’m willing to bet it’d work nicely with full-size ads as well. Lets see some experimentation! I want confidential email with click-through rates


Other stuff I’ve been meaning to get to:

Here’s another good ad placement.

Clear Channel has a deal to use Google AdSense and AdWords.

AdSense CTR’s now go to two decimal places. Useful for those that track this stuff religiously, and those that have to.

Google is seeking a patent for ad-subsidized wifi web access. Not exactly an original idea.

Take a look at Google’s GeoAds beta, for advertising in Google Local with graphics in the ads.

AdWords advertisers can now bid on which position they want.

Verizon SuperPages is selling Google AdWords.

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