Google Reintroduces Site Search With New Name, Features

    June 3, 2008

Custom Search Business Edition was never a great name – it needed to be shorter and self-explanatory.  So the product in question is now called Google Site Search, and along with the new designation, it’s gained several fresh features.

First, a reminder: Custom Search Business Edition was the thing that allowed site owners to offer Google-powered searches of their own properties.  It began working with AdSense for search about one month ago.

Google Site Search
 Google Site Search

As for the latest news, on the Official Google Enterprise Blog, Vijay Koduri brings up the topic of "enhanced index coverage."  He writes, "Google Site Search can now serve all website content — even deep pages or frequently updated material — as search results, ensuring relevant and comprehensive coverage of the website. . . .  For even greater coverage, site owners can upload their Sitemaps."

The product can also be made to understand acronyms and synonyms, and users can weigh search results towards newer material or certain sections of sites.

If this sounds interesting ($100-per-year interesting for smaller sites), Google’s created a place where you can test the basic technology for free.  The company wouldn’t shuffle product names for no reason, so it’s presumably hoping to pick up some business as a result of these developments.