Google Recognizing Non-Blogs as Blogs

Users Getting Added Exposure, Probably More Traffic

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A number of people have noticed that Google is viewing their websites as blogs when they are not really blogs. They are finding that Google is placing them in blog search portions of universal search results in regular Google searches.

Universal Search (blog results)

This is the topic being discussed in a thread at the WebmasterWorld forum. "There are a lot of mixed emotions; I’m on the first page but in the wrong place," says one WebmasterWorld member, who started the thread on the issue.  

Why would Google do this?

Another person suggests the inclusion of commenting on a site, but the original poster says their site doesn’t allow comments. A different user suggests that RSS feeds could be the reason that Google is viewing sites as blogs. At Search Engine Roundtable, Barry Schwartz also discusses this as a possibility.

He does note, however, that Apple.com has RSS feeds, but is not included in blog search results, so there must be more to it than that. Many sites that aren’t blogs are included in blog search though, he says. He also makes another good point.

"Should webmasters be upset if their sites are included in Google Blog Search?" he asks. "Can it hurt?"

If you’re getting into blog search results (particularly in Universal results), you’re opening up your site for additional traffic. If your site isn’t a blog, there’s a good chance users will figure this out once they click through to it. Hopefully the content on the site is at least relevant to the user’s query.

Google Recognizing Non-Blogs as Blogs
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  • http://gadgetsnall.co.uk Guest

    Given that many dont get to the first page normally anyway on popular keywords.. if my site had a lot of competition i would be glad if i suddenly found my site in that position on page 1.

    The only ones i guess who wouldnt be too happy would be those competitors already on page 1.

  • http://www.wood-carving-machine-tips.com/ Buzz E Routeer

    I’m finding just the opposite to be true. I have a number of niche sites and most of them have a blog page. I’m finding that nearly every time I post a blog entry, my site suffers a sandbox affect. I’m thinking that Google is starting to view blogs as a spam effort more and more. Other people I’ve talked to have mentioned the same observation. Seems that all of the social network posts are starting to get lower and lower rank as well.

    It’s my opinion (and that’s all it is) that goog may be viewing social networks as just a place to seed spam links. After all, there IS a great deal of that going on.

    Maybe just paranoia but it seems that way to me.

  • http://www.abundantace.com/ ace

    “Should webmasters be upset if their sites are included in Google Blog Search?”

    No. Instead webmasters should keep their mouths shut and be grateful for getting some extra traffic to their websites.

  • http://threads.ecrater.com Threads Vintage Woodstock Revival Wear

    Oh my gosh, I would be thrilled if my web site showed up in extra google results anywhere, though I can totally see how this would affect and upset pro-bloggers.

  • http://inchoo.net Toni Anicic

    The main problem is, it’s not fair. Bloggers should be the ones who should react. Perhaps Google can introduce a manual report option, like the ones in place in Google Webmaster Tools for various things. This way we could report a website that’s not supposed to be in a certain Google search manually and it’s a few seconds of job for someone at Google to have a look at it and verify it.

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