Google Reader’s Search Function: Where is it?

    January 17, 2007

Now that I subscribe to over 100 blogs with Google Reader, I skim posts making a mental note to come back later and read the whole thing.

Instead of browsing through all the posts again to get back to the post I want to read, I would like to just search for the topic or keywords.

Is there some reason there is no search feature yet, considering Google is supposed to specialize in search? Is it not technically possible to search RSS feeds? As I understand it, Google Reader archives the posts so it doesn’t pull them from RSS everytime so that shouldn’t matter. I see that you can “star” posts and come back to them later, just like you can in GMail, but unlike GMail there there is no search function. (aside: I think the “star” function is about as useful as a screen door on a battleship, both in GMail and in Reader.)

While the addition of Google Reader Trends was semi-interesting, I don’t think it was very helpful or needed. A search function on the other hand would be very useful, and make Google Reader much more usable at the same time.


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