Google Reader’s Integrated Podcast Player

    March 20, 2007

I just noticed as I was browsing through my google reader that it now has an integrated podcast player, simple little feature but really neat.

Google Reader Podcast

It immediately made me think this would be very cool on my mobile so I browsed over to google reader on my new Nokia N95, but unfortunately the google reader works very poorly in a mobile browser, basically the multiple scrolling windows of the google reader is a bit of an interactive nightmare. I would love to see a google reader mobile app just like google mail and google maps. Seriously, that would be a massive mobile trifecta, maps, mail and rss (including the podcast player). (Mark, who writes The Nokia Blog, points out there is a very good mobile version of the google reader here: but alas there is no embedded podcast player)

On a side note Nick in his podcast points to a very good article by Danah Boyd on Future Lab that basically rants about the lack of net neutrality of mobile carriers and how they are killing innovation in what should be the next wave of innovation for the web:

Unfortunately, the same is not true for the mobile network. There’s never been neutrality and it’s the last thing that the carriers want. They want to control every byte and every application that can be put on the handsets that they adopt (and control through locking). In short, they want to control *everything*. It’s near impossible to develop networked social applications for mobiles.

BTW check out Nick Wilsons podcast at Clickinfluence