Google Reader Lands On Your Homepage

    May 5, 2006
    WebProNews Staff

Users of Google’s Personalized Homepage can add their reading lists from Google Reader as a module and view their feeds from the Homepage instead.

The development teams sit ten feet apart, Mihai Parparita posted at the Google Reader blog. So ti made sense for them to bring the Google Reader and the Personalized Homepage services together.

Users can add their reading list, or any label of their choosing, to the Personalized Homepage. In Google Reader, an “Add it now” button can be clicked, and after confirming they want the Reader on the Homepage, it appears there.

Clicking on a story in the Reader module pops up an Ajax window containing the title and body of that post. A link in that window leads to the original post from the site providing that item.

Parparita listed some additional features, some of which are not immediately apparent about the module:

Like the regular Reader interface, the module remembers what you’ve read, can sort your reading list in different ways, and allows you to view items by label. Additionally, you can view items directly on the page in a nifty floating bubble. Finally, there’s a few non-obvious things you can also do:

•  If you add more than one instance of the module, you can tell them to display different labels, use different sorting orders, etc. It’s almost like building your own Reader interface.
•  You can use mouse scroll wheel (when hovering over module) to scroll the item list up and down
•  You can click the “edit” link and customize many things about the module.

Another recent update to Google Reader added support for video feeds published in Flash format. Videos can be viewed directly from Reader (but not from the Reader module on the Homepage) just by hitting the Play button.


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