Google Reader Is On The Phone

    May 19, 2006
    WebProNews Staff

Catching up with RSS or Atom feeds can be as simple as flipping open the phone and launching one’s Google Personalized Homepage.

By making Google Reader part of the Personalized Homepage with its Reader Module, people can access their Reader’s content from their mobile phones.

Chris Wetherell from the Reader team posted recently about the extension into the mobile world with the feedreader:

If you use the Google Personalized Homepage and have installed our Reader Homepage Module, it’ll automatically show up on your mobile homepage. Simply go to on your mobile phone’s browser and click the link to “Personalized Home”.

It’s great for browsing your reading list during meetings (not that the Reader team is doing this) or while waiting in line to renew your car registration.

Feed items display in a list, with the title of the item and its source denoted in blue and green, respectively. Just select one to read during that boring meeting while enjoying some downtime away from work. But please, not while driving.


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