Google Reader Getting Into Politics

    August 18, 2008

Think of it as a tech-savvy, politically-oriented version of Oprah’s Book Club: Google Reader’s new Power Readers in Politics program is supposed to let anyone and everyone see what stories the main candidates and a number of journalists are viewing.

The program’s homepage is currently being promoted on, and from it, you can either click around or subscribe to things as you like.  The layout looks fine and is easy to use.

The one reality check comes when you realize that both McCain and Obama probably have more important things to do than use Google Reader all day, and a post on the Official Google Blog confirms that direct involvement should be attributed more to their respective campaigns.

Still, closer connections to Mike Allen (POLITICO), Chuck DeFeo (Townhall), John Dickerson (Slate), Mark Halperin (TIME), Arianna Huffington (Huffington Post), Ruth Marcus (Washington Post), Jon Meacham (Newsweek), and Patrick Ruffini (The Next Right) are available.  These folks seem to be doing a good job of commenting on their shared news articles.

The Power Readers in Politics concept may not be perfect for everybody – a lot of people won’t care what’s going on behind the scenes – but the new program at least represents a unique offering as we get closer to November.