Google Reader Gets Much Needed Social Features

    August 13, 2009
    Chris Crum

Google has added a number of new features to Google Reader. The biggest one, which is long overdue, is the ability to share content on other social networks. This seems like it should have been available for ages, but it has been MIA until now.

If you go to the settings page in Google Reader, find the Send To tab. From there, you can select other services to send your shared items to. Then you can easily share content via Facebook, Twitter, Digg, etc. as you come across it in Google Reader.

Send to tab on the settings page

Another new feature is the ability to easily subscribe to feeds from the people you follow. If you click on one of your followers, you can see the feeds they have included in their Google Profile (if any), and you can go from there. Another option is to click the "From people you follow" tab on the "Browse for stuff" page.

Feeds from Mihai

Another noticeable new feature in Google Reader is the addition of more options under "Mark as Read." You now get a pull-down menu, which lets you select whether you want to mark all items as read, or just the ones that are older than a day, a week, or two weeks.

Mark as Read

In addition to these features, when you expand an item in comment view, you can now get the full set of actions (share, like, star), without leaving comment view. They’ve also added a "Feeds" start-page option for the iPhone/Android/Pre mobile interface, and an option to show notes when embedding shared items on other pages as clips.