Google Reader Gains Ties To Gmail

    May 3, 2007

Google Reader is taking another step forward, and it’s holding Gmail’s hand as it does so.  Thanks to a new feature, users can now “share something you find in Reader with someone who doesn’t use a feed reader at all.”

The latest post in the Official Google Reader Blog actually has all sorts of neat stuff in it – Brad Hawkes, its author, mentions both robot armies and Marge Simpson.  The main focus, however, fell squarely on the latest Google Reader update.

“Now, clicking the ‘Email’ link at the bottom of an item” gives you several benefits, according to Hawkes.  One of them is the ability to “send email from within Reader – no more second window for sending email.”  For another, you may “send the entire item as it appears in Reader, including formatting and images.”

Lastly – and this sort of thing is always convenient – you can “use your Gmail address book (if you have one) to add contacts with auto-complete.”

Initial reviews of these upgrades have been positive; Barry Schwartz (AKA “rustybrick”) seemed genuinely excited, writing, “Not opening in a new window is very cool, but the addition of the gmail address book with auto-complete rocks also.”

Startup Meme’s Bilal Hameed seemed impressed, as well, but he had some suggestions for what Google Reader could do next.  “[W]hy not just integrate the Google Reader and Gmail completely, enabling Gmail users to subscribe to feeds from Gmail and read them in Gmail,” he proposed.  “It would also make sense to show all the posts that are related to a specific news in one conversation, enabling me to quickly skim through what all of my favorite bloggers are saying on a particular issue.”

Google has a reputation for listening to its users, so perhaps the next upgrade update will speak of robot armies, Marge Simpson, and comprehensive Google Reader and Gmail integration.