Google Ramps Up Chicago Hiring

    November 21, 2005
    WebProNews Staff

The search engine company has been rumored to be prepping a foray into advertising in a Chicago newspaper, and some job openings in Chicago could indicate Google’s focus there.

Four listings appeared at the journalist-oriented web site in early November. The positions with Google seek people to handle four different vertical markets in varying capacities.

Those verticals are local, retail, tech communications, and travel. Google wants a team manager for its retail vertical, and a senior account executive for the tech communications vertical.

The other two verticals each call for a senior account manager for their openings. All four categories figure prominently in Google’s AdWords metrics.

Google has placed ads in a couple of tech magazines over the past couple of months. The company has invited some of its advertisers to participate in its Publication Ads service. That service lets marketers select a publication by keywords, demographics, or circulation for ad placement.

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