Google Puts Ads in the Search Box

And Other New Google Suggest Features

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Google has introduced new features to Google Suggest in order to make searching faster (and place some ads). Google Suggest is (of course) the list of suggestions Google gives you when you begin typing a query into the search box.

The first new feature gives you suggestions on the results page. Before, they only showed suggestions based on the original search input. Now, when you search from a SERP, you will get suggestions related to that SERP. So if you are on a results page for roller coasters (as in the example below) and you begin typing in the search box, the first few suggestions will be roller coaster-related.

Google Suggest Features

The second new feature gives you personalized suggestions. "We estimate that about a quarter of all signed-in searches are repeats from the past month," explains a post from Google. "Now, if you’re signed in with your Google account and have Web History enabled, we may show some of your relevant past searches as you type." If you don’t like a particular suggestion, you can simply click a "remove" button and you won’t see it next time.

Google Suggest Features

The third feature gives you navigational suggestions. If your first keystrokes indicate you’re looking for a specific site, Google will suggest that site.

Google Suggest Features

Finally, the last feature gives you sponsored links in suggestions. "Sometimes we detect that the most relevant completion for what you’re typing is an ad," Google explains. "When an ad is shown, we mark it with the text ‘sponsored Link’ and a colored background, as on the results page."

Google Suggest Features

They’ve even found a way to stick ads in the search box. That’s impressive.

In addition to these new features, they will no longer show the result count for items in the suggest box, and the text of suggestions will now be bolded. Features are rolling out gradually, so if you do not have them yet, be patient.

Google Puts Ads in the Search Box
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  • Guest

    Ads in the search box… that’s going a little far, isn’t it?

  • http://www.crearecommunications.co.uk Adam

    Wherever they can get them in they will. That’s just yet another advert I’ll have to ignore while I try to find what I’m searching for.

  • http://www.diamondonnet.com Diamonds

    That would be annoying and sadly effective.

  • Eddy Peck

    Google will become Xerox pretty soon they are just milking it while they can…

  • http://busstoped.blogspot.com chris

    Yea Google will try anything to get extra money.shame there search hardly finds me all my meta tags and key words are correct but still nothing.

  • Jane

    Anyone know if there is going to be a way of tracking to see how many searchers click on one of the ads from the search bar? We can currently see what position delivers the best sales from Analytics but not sure how this will be tracked.

  • http://getmoney2us.blogspot.com uang

    the result is usually good but not as we expect, because there are many results from the search, so we make even confused

  • http://www.discoveryvallarta.com/ michaelj72

    ads in the search box, oh come now they are getting a little too….uh… low, don’t you think? pretty soon it’ll be 3-4 real search results and 5 ads, lol

  • http://www.dataflurry.com Google Marketing

    Just when I thought that they couldn’t do much more to monetize the search aspect of things, they prove me wrong! LoL. Too funny

  • http://www.osha10hourtraining.com Guest

    I just noticed the new ad placements in the search box, wonder if advertisers will have to bid/pay extra for placement there someday. Also, has anyone noticed that occasionally when regular search results are listed, you have an up/down arrow by each result, so you can raise/lower the results position? Just pops up once every week or so.

    • http://www.indian-wedding-horse.co.uk/ Indian Wedding Horse Hire

      I have had these for some Months now. I have them on all Google search results. It seems I am able to manipulate search results. I did volunteer for a beta testing scheme so it would appear that is why. No. It is not just on my PC it works. If I was an unscrupulous individual I could make a fortune from it couldn’t I?

  • http://morganservice.net Don Morgan

    Navigational suggestions quite often saves me typing in what I’m looking for and I’m all for that. The ads are O.K. if they don’t get too intrusive. I don’t blame Google for trying to make a dollar. Aren’t we all trying to do the same?

  • http://www.chickencoopplan.net chicken coop plans

    It’s very hard to compare twitter with Rss. Sharing information are the main difference. Moreover, automated updating is very different from manual upd

  • http://www.chickencoopplan.net chicken coop plans

    I haven’t noticed the sponsor link everytime I’m doing my research. Well, google suggestion is very helpful for me. Everytime I need to research something, I don’t need to drain my mind just to think of the right word I need to type in the search engine.

  • http://www.itmentality.com.au/ IT Mentality

    Shifty Google! … Well I’d do the same thing

  • http://www.assembly-jobs.com Assembly Work

    This makes the long tail keyword phrases more valuable for all SEO people I guess, because people have the option to simply click the suggested keyword phrases and people will certainly find the right keyword they are looking for inside the suggested keywords list. People are lazy, so instead of typing they prefer simply clicking. This is certainly a great move and more money for google.

  • http://www.bustercollings.com/blog Buster

    one step closer to as-you-type results. as you see with the site suggestion and ad suggestion i think it’s just a matter of time until they the suggestions include the top 1 or 2 sites for each suggested phrase.. afterall when you’re typing you’re done looking at the content on the current page so why not maximize that viewable space and just show real-time as-you-type results. i think this will make having a 1,2 or 3 rank even more valuable and definitely make sponsored ads more valuable (cha-ching!$!).

    we’re moving towards real-time.. indexing and results.. isn’t it great!

  • http://www.axleit.com.au Brisbane Seo Firm

    is Google charge extra for the showing ad on suggests………i hope it will increase bid for the same..

  • http://www.spec-india.com Venkatesh Pai

    It gives sponsor result if you search for brand name but while search for general keywords it give no sponsor result.

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