Google Pushing Hard For Local Advertisers

    January 4, 2008
    WebProNews Staff

The local search ad market has multi-billion dollar potential, and Google will work at keeping as much of that as possible in 2008.

People are searching the web for products and services on a regular basis. Local businesses that could be what the searcher is looking for may not be turning up for those queries as they should.

Google has the solution, according to the official Google blog. Unsurprisingly, the answer is advertising.

Through a varied assortment of partnerships, with Yellow Pages directories and others, Google will work on getting the word out about AdWords to local businesses. The company wants to reach more of the small and medium sized business market.

Google said they recently brought together some 150 AdWords resellers to talk about that strategy. The search ad company is optimistic. "What became clear throughout the day is that there’s a tremendous opportunity for local merchants to grow their business through online marketing," wrote Google’s Brynne Zaccaro.

They will have plenty of competition for the local search ad market. Yahoo and Microsoft want a bigger part of the business, and they are certain to try targeting the SMB market through 2008.