Google Publicizes Public Policy Blog

    June 19, 2007
    WebProNews Staff

After starting out on an internal-only basis, the Google Public Policy blog has been opened for public consumption and commentary.

Google Publicizes Public Policy Blog
“Google Publicizes Public Policy Blog”
Google Publicizes Public Policy Blog

Did you know that 99.6 percent of Americans receive their broadband service from either a cable or a telephone company? Or that many people have only one choice for a broadband provider, if they have one at all?

That was part of a recent post at Google’s new-but-not-new Public Policy blog. Google’s Richard Whitt, Washington Telecom and Media Counsel, said it’s a duopoly in the language of the antitrust laws.

A lot of people may be seeing that post and many others on the Public Policy blog for the first time. Until this week, it’s been available just to the people inside Google. The company’s Andrew McLaughlin explained what they want to accomplish:

You may be wondering why it contains two months’ worth of posts, given that we’re only just now launching. Well, we started the blog internally back in April, to limber up our blogging muscles. Now that we’ve gone public we thought it’d be fun to share our earlier internal posts. In the weeks and months ahead, expect to hear more from us on issues like net neutrality, censorship, innovation regulation, immigration, R&D, national security, and trade, just to name a few.

Though the current topics are mostly US-centric, McLaughlin noted how Google is a multinational corporation. We take that to mean issues outside the US should receive some coverage on the new blog. After all, the Internet doesn’t really have borders.