Google Promotes Expression and Privacy

    October 28, 2008
    Chris Crum

In honor of the 60th anniversary year of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, Google has gotten on board with the Global Network Initiative (whose site will become available soon at

Declaration of Human Rights

The idea of the Global Network Initiative is to promote free expression and protect privacy all over the globe. According to Google’s Director of Public Policy and Government Affairs, Andrew McLaughlin, companies that join the initiative will protect their users by:

– Evaluating against international standards government requests to censor content or access user information

– Providing greater transparency

– Assessing human rights risks when entering new markets or introducing new products

– Instituting employee training and oversight programs

Google says the initiative is the product of two years of discussions with other leading tech companies. More information is sure to accompany the site when it goes live, and perhaps we’ll get a look at the other companies involved.