Google Product Search Growing Quickly

    December 30, 2008

It’s likely to be a little while before Christmas traffic statistics start rolling in, but even without those numbers, it’s safe to state that Google Product Search is becoming more popular.  A measurement of growth extending through November has the service putting its rivals to shame.

Google Product Search

Pete Barlas reports, "Google Product Search had 11.8 million unique visitors in November.  That’s up a whopping 786% from the year-ago period — the biggest one-year increase by far of any online comparison shopping service, says market tracker comScore."

This gain says a lot about what Google can accomplish when it focuses a little energy on something.  Google Product Search isn’t even one of the search giant’s most heavily promoted services, either, which points to all sorts of bright possibilities for things like Gmail and Chrome.

Still, Google Product Search has a ways to go until it can claim true victory.  Yahoo Shopping remains the category leader, attracting 27.6 million visitors in November – or about 2.5 times what Google’s offering got.

Look for more interesting developments on this front after the December numbers are released.  And keep an eye on Google Product Search’s "beta" tag, too.