Google Presents Photos Blog

    October 3, 2007

Photo buffs and Picasa fans may have cause to celebrate – the Official Google Photos Blog has launched.

Google Presents Photos Blog
Google Presents Photos Blog

“We’ll be using this space to post feature updates, photography tips, and (of course) some of our favorite photo albums, all of which will keep you current with the latest developments from the Picasa team,” announced Jason Cook, a product marketing manager, in the first-ever post on the blog.

Unfortunately, neither updates nor pointers accompanied the blog’s launch, but Cook did link to some great pictures from his time in England.  And Googlified’s Haochi Chen noted, “From past experiences, a new blog signals major update(s) for the product, in this case, Picasa or Picasa Web.”

That makes sense – it’s been over three months since we’ve seen any real developments related to Picasa.

Also, Cook supported Chen’s supposition and answered a potential concern – the abandonment of the Official Photos Blog – by writing, “We hope you’ll visit us often for more visual news and notes!”

As long as the blog stays relatively up to date, that shouldn’t be a problem.