Google Preparing For Future With 10 Million Servers

    October 21, 2009

If McDonald’s ever goes out of business, perhaps Google can buy up its empty buildings and use them all as data centers.  A representative of the search giant recently stated that he’s working on a storage and computation system capable of accommodating 10 million servers.

If Google ever gets its hands on 10 million servers, that means it’ll have one for every person in New York City and Phoenix, Arizona.  Or if you want another point of comparison, we found out earlier this month that Facebook only has around 30,000 servers.

Jeff DeanGoogle’s not necessarily planning to take over the tech world, though.  Jeff Dean, a Google Fellow in the Systems Infrastructure Group, is the man who mentioned 10 million servers while speaking at an Association for Computing Machinery conference, and he said that’s a design goal.

What’s more, the lower limit of the design goal is 1 million servers, and earlier in his talk, Dean said it’s important to "ensure your design works if scale changes by 10X or 20X," so he may be intentionally overshooting the mark.

Still, we’ll just keep an eye on Google’s data center plans and see where this heads.  Hat tip goes to Rich Miller.