Google Predicts Impressive Online Ad Growth In Russia

    June 25, 2008

Thanks to matters of both proximity and size, discussions concerning overseas search tend to focus on the UK and China.  Russia may soon enter more conversations, though, as at least one expert feels its online ad market is ready to explode.

Vladimir Dolgov, the head of Google Russia, is in a good position to judge such matters.  Google hasn’t had much success in his country, of course, but he’s unlikely to be blind to important trends.  (Also, we’ve seen signs of the fast rise in Russian advertising before.)

Google Russia
 Google Russia

So Dolgov stated, "The potential is crazy," according to Lyubov Pronina.  "There are about 75,000 companies which practice online advertising out of a total of three million registered companies in Russia," he continued, and as 2,925,000 businesses play catch-up, $1 billion – or five times the current level – could be spent on online ads at the end of this decade.

Google Russia is sure to try to benefit from this growth.  If it fails – again, the branch’s track record isn’t so good – competitors like Yandex and Rambler will become even more powerful, and they may be encouraged to expand into other markets.

Regardless, look for Russia to become an increasingly important country in the eyes of search and advertising companies.