Google Plans To Win AdWords Converts

    April 4, 2007
    WebProNews Staff

The Website Optimizer tool received a formal launch for Google’s AdWords clients today. Marketers using it should see conversion rates improve for their sites.

Google Plans To Win AdWords Converts
Google Plans To Win AdWords Converts
Who Can Compete with Google?

Tom Leung, a product manager at Google, talked with WebProNews about the new tool called Website Optimizer. Now a fixture in AdWords, Website Optimizer serves a distinct role in Google’s offerings, according to Leung.

"Optimizer closes the loop," he said, referring to how this latest application fits in with Google’s other advertiser services. "AdWords drives traffic; Analytics measures it. That had been it."

Until now, that is. Leung touted Optimizer’s main idea as one that will benefit advertisers worldwide. Through use of the application, marketers will be able to tell Google about new content on a page, and test parts of a page.

Optimizer allows this multi-variable testing, and tracks which components perform best at securing conversions from visitors. Conversions can range from simply completing a form requesting information to making a purchase online.

"It takes the guesswork out of marketing," Leung said.

Site publishers can try different versions of their pages with Optimizer, and view reports on conversions. With Google having recently released a beta test of pay per action advertising, the Optimizer unveiling comes at an opportune time.

Leung confirmed that, saying the two teams working on those respective products kept in contact during development and testing.

PPA only charges an advertiser when a conversion takes place, and being able to determine which approaches work best at gaining conversions through the Optimizer should help Google spur interest in both products.

Leung left us with an important tip about using Website Optimizer: let tests run for a week at minimum to factor in all of the days and times a page would be live for visitors.