Google Pitching Jobs To SciFi Geeks

    August 23, 2006
    WebProNews Staff

When the World Science Fiction Convention, best known as WorldCon, starts up in Anaheim today, some Googlers will be in attendance. One would think Google’s presence at a well-known international conference would be enough to justify sending this writer out to Anaheim to cover the event.

Google Pitching Jobs To SciFi Geeks
Google Winds Up…

Alas, the discussion was over faster than you can say “Reuters outsources writing jobs to India.”

I’ll just have to get Connie Willis’s autograph on my copy of “To Say Nothing of the Dog” some other time.

Google announced that Worldcon beckons on their Official Blog. Since they had so much fun celebrating Star Trek’s 40th anniversary at the 5th annual Trek convention in Las Vegas, they have decided to enjoy the goings-on at Worldcon as well:

So we are in fact throwing a party at this week’s World Science Fiction Convention, LACon IV — on Wednesday evening, in the main party area on the fifth floor of the Anaheim Hilton. Convention attendees are welcome to drop by to talk with Googlers from the Mountain View and Santa Monica offices and see some things that I’m sure Serenity’s engineer Kaylee Frye would consider worthy of a “Shiny!”

If you think Google might be a good fit for you, stop by the party or head over to our jobs site.

An interesting place to look for potential Googlers, certainly. Science fiction has been a tremendous influence for many in the geek crowd, and I would not be surprised to learn that many people picked up their first flip phone in homage to the original Star Trek communicator.

The geek theme runs deep at Google, judging from several things like how they chose a number of shares of stock to issue, to references to geek culture in their communications.

Let’s hope they get some pictures from the party at Worldcon, because how often will one get to see a line of job applicants dressed for the Klingon frontier, Middle-Earth, and a trip in a Tardis.


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