Google Phone Confirmed

    March 15, 2007
    WebProNews Staff

Google is working on a mobile phone, a Google executive confirmed, but you may not see it in the States.

It would, after all, steal some Apple thunder, and Schmidt and Jobs are billionaire buddies.

Engadget reports that Isabel Aguilera, a Googler heading up things on the Iberian Peninsula, said there is a Google phone being developed, but are intended for the the markets in developing nations.

But don’t cut Google out of anything. There have to be other reasons for developing technologies that they’re just not talking about.

For example, last week we learned that Google has a patent application for a pretty spooky technology for mobile devices that knows who you are, where you are, and who you want to call before you even take it out of your pocket.

While it is true that companies often patent technologies they develop that they don’t intend to use, this one seems especially profitable and one that should be developed in time.

And just what are they planning to do with all that dark fiber they bought, anyway? Surely they didn’t just buy it for no good reason at all.

My guess is, wait a couple a years and Google will dump a slew of new products that us Search geeks have been chomping (champing, if you’re especially pedantic) at the bit to see.

Here’s my wild imagination’s idea of what Google will produce in the future:

1.    Google Mobile Phone
2.    Google Lightweight Always Connected Server-Side-Application PC
3.    Google TV Network
4.    Google 360 Degree Advertising platform, all over the Web, outdoors, and airwaves
5.    Google Fiber-optic Internet Access
6.    Google Party Plane (heh. That one’s already been done)

Hey, why not?