Google Partners With POLITICO On Technology And Politics

Google to explore techs role in democracy

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Google and YouTube are partnering with POLITICO to host an event on Monday at the Newseum in Washington, D.C. to talk about technology’s role in democracy and the political process.

The Google Blog offers more details.  “With less than six weeks until the midterm elections, we wanted to hear from some of politics’ most creative minds about what innovation and democracy mean in 2010.”

“As part of the event David Axelrod and Ed Gillespie will answer questions and offer thoughts and predictions about the upcoming elections. Arianna Huffington will then moderate a panel about innovation in media, and will be joined by Becki Donatelli, Stephen Hayes, Nate Silver and Amy Walter. We’ll also demonstrate tools built for citizens and government officials using YouTube and Google Maps, and will be joined by our friends on the politics team at Facebook.”

Google is also inviting people to submit a question for any of the panel members via youtube.com/citizentube. People will also be able to watch the entire event live on YouTube on Monday from 2:30-5:30 ET and on POLITICO.

Google Partners With POLITICO On Technology And Politics
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  • http://highfive4all.com Ronald L. Waldron


    From the right wingers we hear all of the Bible says this & that:

    Any time we question the activities of organized crime, religion, policies, and political bias, the
    ONLY come back is a reference to the bible.

    Because of all the hypocrisy of the Faith based businesses, and tax payer rip offs, raises some
    real questions about what is. and what is not principles of any such organization.

    We have a problem finding any of the following:

    Where do we find that it is OK to lie to the masses on any occasion.
    Where is it ok to bear false statements against another (Nation or Individual).
    Where do we find that is it OK to pre-empt a war on another Country.
    Where is it OK to present false evidence of wrong doing to justify attacking.
    Where do we find where it is ok to misrepresent the meaning, by false interpretation of such.
    Where is it ok for any religious leader to support war, say nothing of plotting such.
    Where is it ok to attack and kill 1.3 million innocent civilian people.
    Where is it ok to cover-up evidence that contradicts evidence presented as fact, to classify
    the evidence as secret, to bury such evidence. (911 + many others)
    Where is it ok to assassinate any one. Leader, Journalist, citizen, or witness.
    Where is it ok to steal land, money, assets, resources, or moral identity.
    Where is it ok for such non-profit organizations to profit from war or catrostropy.
    Where do we find that it is ok to discriminate, race, sex, age, or preferences.
    Where does it say that anyone should not pay taxes.
    Where does it say it is ok to bribe officials, or to censor speech.
    Where does it say that it is ok for the Church to become involved in political advocacy, or to
    influence such by bribes & contributions especially from the congregations donations to the Church business.
    Where does it say it is ok to use the Church building for political purposes. Registering voters,
    political rallies or campaigning for such.
    Where is it ok to conduct atrocities and genocide stating your guidance comes from your father above .
    Where in the Bible do you find Nomads are anything but Nomads, exiled from the Middle East and Biblically
    remain there to this date.

    Is the above exactly what we have witnessed for years from the entire Republican Party and the influential
    Zionist political movement ??


    Federal Reserve Board of Governors all Jewish Zionist:

    Another example of RELIGIOUS BIAS in government business, and OUR financial business.

    Do we care about anyone’s faith? No not at all. Do we care about the conspiracies involved? Certainly.

    Where the questions do matter.

    When the largest organized crime syndicate in the World is also Jewish Zionist dominated. Certainly is a concern.

    When media is also controlled by Jewish Zionist owners it makes for a real concern about truth in Journalism.

    A minority religion, a minority population, totally in charge of our financial institutions. Adds to our concerns.

    Does the fact that 48% of Billionaires are also Jewish Zionist, raise concern? Certainly looks suspicious.

    Consider the Wall Street corruption, it looks like insider trading was conducted by a lot more than Martha Stewart.

    Major changes in the law and in the structure of the financial system in the past decade. Good or Bad?

    How about the largest lobbies are Jewish Zionist organizations to benefit Israel only. Not registered as foreign lobbies.

    Check out the involvement and propaganda on our campuses from Jewish Zionist organizations such as AIPAC, J-Street, and
    many others. Large, XXX-large list of such. Political Science, Journalism, Theology, and Law schools in particular. Active on many other campuses,
    high school and higher education campuses.

    Are the largest contributors to political campaigns in America Jewish Zionist? Does it make a difference in decision making?

    The amount of foreign aid to Israel. The pork projects added to all bills that give more to Israel. The military related sales(gifts) to Israel raises concerns by most.

    President Kennedy denied Israel US nuclear war heads. They received such shortly after his assassination. Raised questions never answered by officials.

    The “FED” has never been audited since they took it over in 1968 until now. Raise concern with many. Many were silenced.

    DO YOU THINK THESE QUESTIONS WILL GO AWAY? They never will go away. Will we get answers, only by demand and revolt.

    Is there any legitimacy to the state of Israel and the occupation of Palestine, Our Holy land. Hell no!!

    Do they have complete control over the “right-wingers”, and the Fox news promotion of chaos and fear?

    Estimates of 60/40. 60% control of the republican party and government officials. To 40% of the Democrats.

    Is anyone comfortable with that? If not
    what do you plan on doing about it?

    Too many of us have known it, but too scared to talk about it. Retaliation has
    been extreme for many.

  • Tamara Frank

    Who would want to see or hear anything Google and Politico say, after all they represent just mainstream media, corporate interests and not what the people want to hear. I will give it a big PASS.

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