Google, Others, Start Antimalware Group

    January 25, 2006

A group of technology companies have banded together to fight spyware and adware by publicizing offenders, under the sure-to-be-catchy monicker of the “Stop Badware Coalition“.

Joining the coalition are search giant Google, PC maker Lenovo, Sun Microsystems, Consumer Reports’ WebWatch project, the Berkman Center for Internet & Society at Harvard Law School and the Oxford Internet Institute in England. Internet pioneer Vint Cerf, now Google’s chief Internet evangelist, and Esther Dyson, an investor and editor of Release 1.0, are among the advisors to the group. (Release 1.0 is owned by CNET Networks, publisher of

The news comes about two weeks after the Anti-Spyware Coalition-a group comprised of Microsoft, Yahoo, AOL, Symantec, Computer Associates and McAfee-announced it had agreed on standard methods for identifying and combating spyware.

So, basically it seems that this is a group of people who didn’t get into the Microsoft group. Oh, that should be fun.

And “badware” is never going to catch on as a term.

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