Google Optimizes Website Optimizer

    September 6, 2007
    WebProNews Staff

A handful of tweaks to Google’s Website Optimizer tool have arrived as the product’s first major update, based on user feedback.

Bloggers at Inside AdWords touted three updates to Website Optimizer. These additions have been driven by requests from advertisers and ad agencies, Google said.

“We’ve added the ability to create A/B split experiments. This new feature is designed to make it faster and easier to optimize your website, and improve conversion rates,” they said. A/B testing allows the marketer to tryout ideas like different page layouts, to see if one work better than another.

Once one has finished with an experiment, those experiments can be deleted. Google said this little fix was its most requested feature. That experiment list will be automatically sorted to show the most recent experiments conducted by the ad client.

Agencies handling multiple AdWords accounts with Google’s My Client Center will be able to get to the Website Optimizer directly from that interface.

Those who may not be familiar with Website Optimizer can learn more about it directly from Google. An online presentation steps through the features and capabilities of the service.