Google Opposes JewTube

    September 12, 2007
    WebProNews Staff

Google’s trademark lawyers are gearing up to take on a new foe in the intellectual property arena: JewTube. No, that’s not a typo.

There’s not a lot of information available at the US Patent and Trademark Office website other than Google’s intent to file opposition to Netparty LLC’s use of the mark JewTube for its similarity to and potential for confusion with YouTube.

I know, you make that mistake all the time.

Netparty appears to specialize in offline cocktail parties, so it’s unclear why they’re involved here, unless they’re taking their real-world social networking business digital – which would make sense – JewTube being its maiden online video network – which, kind of wouldn’t. But NetParty has been involved in organizing Jewish singles parties, so stranger things have happened.

Regardless, a quick Google search brings definite confusion about which JewTube, exactly, the company is taking aim at. brings up a site that looks exactly like YouTube, offering a place for Jews and converted Gentiles to "broadcast yo’self." But closer examination reveals that the site doesn’t actually function and that both featured "videos" are thumbnails of MC Rebbe the Rapping Rabbi.

Clicking them, or anywhere on the site, takes you to his blog, where the Jewish comedian spends most of his time talking about burlesque shows.

Hardee-har-har. File this one under blatant parody, safe from litigation. Matisyahu, the unbelievably talented Hasidic reggae artist, is safe from being dethroned in the rabbinic entertainment realm as well. would seem a more sensible target, a video-sharing site established by Jeremy Kossen who, according to the JewTube "About" page, was "frustrated with the absence of a Jewish-oriented video sharing website."

Apparently though, Google thinks that’s not, um, kosher.