Google Opens Doors To Seattle Office

    January 16, 2008

There might be something special about working at a company’s headquarters, but as far as Google’s offices go, we don’t think employees in its Seattle location are missing much.  A recent open house displayed things that are every bit as nice as what you’ll find in Mountain View.

Okay, okay – those "things" are dogs, and in the opinion of your humble author, even a cubicle in fish factory would be made cheerful by the presence of a canine companion.  Monica Guzman has a video featuring puppies named Brody and Doug that’s definitely worth a look.Google Opens Doors To Seattle Office

Aside from the dogs, though, there are all the standard Google amenities – free food, massages, quirky and comfortable furniture.  And as an added bonus, Nancy Gohring writes, "The offices overlook a picturesque canal.  Workers can clear their heads by hopping in company-supplied kayaks for a trip up the canal, where they can float by the houseboats that line Lake Union . . ."

Of course, none of this will come as too much of a shock to anyone who’s familiar with Google (and for anyone who’s not, we have serious questions about what you’ve been up to).  Still, it’s always fun to check in on the company’s offices, and this glance seemed particularly enjoyable.

One last note: for two more cute pictures of Googlers’ dogs, feel free to check out different versions of an article by John Cook.