Google Opening Day Care Center

    November 21, 2007

The Palo Alto review board has approved Google’s plans to create a child care center next to the Baylands Nature Preserve, an 18,500-square-foot kid’s complex.

kinderplex.jpgNow, don’t get ahead of yourself and start thinking Google is going to be taking care of your kids; no, this place is designed to take care of some Googler’s kids. The facility will accomodate 80 children of Google employess, plus 25 staff members, making it a truly luxurious youngster center.

Currently, Google has the Kinderplex, a Googleplex for Google tots, which will see its lease expire at the end of this school year. Presumably, the new facility will replace teh Kinderplex, though it is feasible Google could need two of them (it is a fast-growing company, after all).

All I know is that Google should take its expertise with day care centers and start a national chain of Google day care centers. Google has a friendly, colorful brand, and a lot of parents would probably trust them. Not that it’ll ever happen, but the company’s gotta diversify somehow, right?