Google On Pace To Take 75% Of Search Market

    January 14, 2009
    WebProNews Staff

How long do you think it will take Google to corner a full three-fourths of the search market? According to the latest Hitwise report, not long. Does April or May sound too conservative?
Google On Pace To Take 75% Of Search Market
That’s my own rough estimate, not Hitwise’s. The metrics firm says Google searches accounted for 72.07 percent of all US searches in December, which reflects 14 percent increase over 2007. By January 2010, we may be wondering how far off 90 percent is.

Yahoo, which had one tough 2008, dropped three percent from the previous December, grabbing 17.79 percent; MSN bled down to 5.56 percent from just over seven percent, and grabbed just over three percent total last month.

Hitwise indicates the numbers may be deceptive since MSN actually increased its search share over the last five months of the year.

Google On Pace To Take 75% Of Search Market

Of the remaining 44 search engines Hitwise measures, together they account for merely 1.42 percent.

Searchers are clearly starting to trust Google more to find health information. Google directed nearly 32 percent of the traffic arriving at health and medical sites in December. The search juggernaut also controlled 27 percent of travel search, and 24.7 percent of online video searches, a 21 percent and 42 percent increase, respectively, over last year.