Google On Pace To Take 75% Of Search Market

Posts huge gains in health, travel, video search

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How long do you think it will take Google to corner a full three-fourths of the search market? According to the latest Hitwise report, not long. Does April or May sound too conservative?
Google On Pace To Take 75% Of Search Market
That’s my own rough estimate, not Hitwise’s. The metrics firm says Google searches accounted for 72.07 percent of all US searches in December, which reflects 14 percent increase over 2007. By January 2010, we may be wondering how far off 90 percent is.

Yahoo, which had one tough 2008, dropped three percent from the previous December, grabbing 17.79 percent; MSN bled down to 5.56 percent from just over seven percent, and Ask.com grabbed just over three percent total last month.

Hitwise indicates the numbers may be deceptive since MSN actually increased its search share over the last five months of the year.

Google On Pace To Take 75% Of Search Market

Of the remaining 44 search engines Hitwise measures, together they account for merely 1.42 percent.

Searchers are clearly starting to trust Google more to find health information. Google directed nearly 32 percent of the traffic arriving at health and medical sites in December. The search juggernaut also controlled 27 percent of travel search, and 24.7 percent of online video searches, a 21 percent and 42 percent increase, respectively, over last year.


Google On Pace To Take 75% Of Search Market
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  • http://www.vinfotech.com/ Website Design Firm

    One thing we must accept is that Google is the best search site available till date. No one can surpass its quality and quantity of information as since beginning it has dedicated itself to “search” vertical. It never ran in the different directions but concentrated its effort on a single thing.

  • http://randomplaza.com Richard C Mongler

    Google despite all its problems, tends to do a better job than yahoo. I don’t use live.com much due to it requiring javascript and I keep it off usually for safety reasons.

    There are always competitors trying to be the next google. cull, gigablast are two off the top of my head.

    There’s big ones in Asia, too, but they aren’t in English.

    • http://www.studyglobal.net/ Daniel Weber – StudyGlobal

      This comment already points to a very valid point. The article does not mention the importance of Goggle and other search engines around the world. In some European countries Goggle has already surpassed the 70% boarder some time ago. In other countries Goggle failed to invest early enough and is now far behind (Russia). Working for a company on an international market (language courses) which generates 80% of it sales through Goggle search results and adds it is on the one side a great thing if Goggle is big in a new market we are entering. On the other hand I am afraid of Goggles dominance as more and more companies will be dependent on them.
      I really like WebProNews but would love to see you guys report with a little more international context.


  • http://www.indiesurf.com Darren Tan

    When it comes to searching for something on the Internet, nothing beats Google. Even my 7 years old cousin know what is Google, and even know how to use it. Such a fast learner i guess. :-)

    The most successful duo in the world? Larry Page and Sergey Brin?

  • http://www.ParentStartHere.com Coach G

    Search is their bread and butter.

    Clearly Google dominates, one thing I have noticed is that the competition’s contextual ads have gotten much better. That was one area that Google had an advantage. I have heard that both MSN and Yahoo have gotten some key talent from the the King. Having said that, they remain my search engine of choice.

  • http://Qualityjewelryboxes.com Steve Thomas

    Google may be the best but only a few years ago a merchant had many other options to be found search wise. With many more search engines it was much easier to be found without advertising. Imagine that you sell only jewelry boxes and the search engines don’t like you because you have 7 jewelry boxes on your home page and that means you’re spamming. Suppose then that the biggest search engine does not find you for reasons that continually change. Is one company that runs the search show then a good thing?

    • Max Rosenberg

      It’s interesting to hear from the point of view of a e-store. Has the advertising been cost effective? I see other alarming issues like Ebay & their Paypal closing doors to other payment methods. When the big companies get bigger & there are less places to go costs go up.

  • http://www.google.com/s2/profiles/102886018440772419753?hl=en Sean Gallagher

    That’s good news for those of us marketing heavily on Google. But I’m not to sure how accurate that info is. As you said “Hitwise indicates the numbers may be deceptive since MSN actually increased its search share over the last five months of the year.

  • http://www.marketappeal.co.uk/ SEO Services

    After years of listen to MS claim that they’re gaining ground and Yahoo forever to release their next big thing it appears that Google’s brand and emphasis on relevance is still winning the day.

    2009 the year of Google, Live search, Yahoo or Ask?

    Your call!

  • http://www.sclsports.com MacGyver

    Google is getting bigger slice of a pie and controls 75% the search results is a sign of near monopoly. This is not a good sign.
    All merchants is at his mercy. Those not rank on the first page of SERP will suffer and those rank at first page of SERP will becomes bigger and bigger because google just keep on showing them as top ten in SERP.
    At the end, internet just left only a few giant website. Those other smaller site will disappear. This is more non performing and not efficient than the brick and mortal business. Cheers http://www.sclsports.com

    • http://www.qualityjewelryboxes.com Steve Thomas

      Last season we were very hard to find by Google without paying top dollar. We are Qualityjewelryboxes.com and sell jewelry boxes that were very good quality and don’t boast the biggest selection. A giant selection simply means that the company is not selective and offers some junk. That’s hard to explain in an advertisement. Sometimes when we have only a few boxes left and a feature may have changed, we will even sell below cost. Since we want to get the newer box for sale without confusing between the newer item. We try to have the best deal on a jewelry box on the internet. If you can’t find us because there are few search engines, how does that benefit the customer? Some of the best deals on lots of other items, auto parts, tools, sporting goods, you name it are not first page results. The consumer will often pay alot extra when he or she clicks on the first page sponsored ad.

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