Google On Carpal Tunnel Syndrome…

    April 21, 2006

The Google blog has one of their informational posts from Doc Razavi about repititive stress injuries (RSI), better known in the office space by one type, carpal tunnel syndrome.

Its a pretty good read, with useful information for anyone, like myself, who spends twenty hours a day hovering over a keyboard. However, I realized something when I read this:

Breaks should be taken every 30-45 minutes for at least 5 minutes. If you need assistance there are free downloadable timers that will help remind you to do so.

I thought for sure that link would point to a Google Desktop Sidebar widget that did the job. Stupid me. How do you post something like this on your blog without having one guy in the company use his 20% time for a few hours to make a widget? Jeez, it would have been so simple.

Google has so many resources, and this would have been an easy one. Yes, I’m nitpicking, but maybe Google should hire a Chief Nitpicking Officer, or rather, a small details guy. It’s the little things that sometimes make a big difference.

And trust me on this: If I’m afraid of RSI, and there’s a timer in my Google sidebar, I’m never uninstalling the sidebar. That’s lock-in.

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