Google Offers To Educate Egypt

    December 7, 2006

The Egyptian Ministry of Higher Education is getting a helping hand, courtesy of Google. The search engine giant is going to provide the ministry with Google Apps for Education, which will allow it to access “innovative email, instant messaging, and calendaring, with accounts on your school’s domain, all for free.”

Dr. Hany Helal, Egypt’s Minister of Higher Education, spoke about the arrangement. “We are delighted to be able to offer our students access to Google’s unique suite of communication tools,” he said in a statement. “We believe that strategic alliances with technology leaders like Google are key to accelerating the contribution that technology can make to the education in Egypt.”

According to AME Info, Egypt is the first country “to implement Google Apps for Education in the region.” An article on Maktoob pointed out that the service “is one of a number of products made available in Arabic recently – including Gmail, Google News, Rosetta, Mobile Web Search, AdWords and a new version of the Google Toolbar 4.”

Google appears to see a good deal of potential in the Middle East – in addition to those developments, Google CEO Eric Schmidt recently gave a friendly talk (with some distinctly “motivational” qualities) at the Arab Strategy Forum in Dubai.

In reference to the new Apps for Education arrangement, the CEO echoed some of his statements from the conference. “As a company, it has been our mission to provide greater access to the world’s information, including personal information,” Schmidt said. “We are delighted that our communication and collaboration tools will enable millions of students in Egypt to keep track of class and activity schedules and stay in close touch with their classmates and teachers.”


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