Google Offers Glimpse of Google Apps Script

    May 28, 2009
    Chris Crum

Google announced this week that it has launched a limited test of a new feature, which lets people add customization and automation to Google Apps, starting with spreadsheets in Google Docs. They call this Google Apps Script.

Google Apps Script lets users automate spreadsheet actions, like reading and changing values in cells and ranges, changing formats and formulas, and creating custom functions. It also allows users to send email or create calendar entries outside of spreadsheets.

Google was kind enough to provide a couple of videos to illustrate the capabilities of Google Apps Script. Following are an introduction and a look at sending email from Google Spreadsheets.

Google Docs Product Manager Jonathan Rochelle, who announced Google Apps Script, also tweeted about an interesting spreadsheets gadget:

Google Gadget Tweet

Google has invited about a thousand organizations to start using the Google Apps Script, so they can get feedback and improve upon it. Those who wish to participate can apply here.