Google Now Penalizing For Slow Landing Pages

AdWords clients face higher bids

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There’s an extra factor in the Quality Score for AdWords clients, tied into the speed (or lack thereof) of their landing pages.

Google wants a faster experience for the people who click through an ad to the destination page. A slow landing page stuffed with other ads and third party content may not be what the typical Internet users wants when clicking through what looks like a useful ad.

The Inside AdWords blog announced the arrival of landing page speed as a regular factor in determining ad Quality Scores. Provide a fast page, and a better Quality Score should lead to lower minimum bids for keywords.

Provide a slow, stuffed-up experience, and Google will make those bids a pricier prospect. “Users have the best experience when they don’t have to wait a long time for landing pages to load,” said Google.

Bad experiences may mean less conversions for advertisers, but worse for Google, they could mean a reluctance by people to click on other ads. Unclicked ads mean no revenue for Google, leading to their attempts in recent months to aggressively root out what it sees as lower quality ad practices.

Landing page load time information for AdWords clients joined the management interface in May. Webmasters with slow pages have their work cut out for them, and will need to do some cost analysis to determine if higher bids charged by Google would be offset by whatever factors contribute to the slow landing page speed.

Google Now Penalizing For Slow Landing Pages
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  • http://www.gogimon.com Search Machine

    This may have already been a factor that nobody has heard about. It was so secret  that no one was doing anything about it and Google may have determined it was losing revenue, hence the revelation.


  • http://www.homesforsalelogan.com Logan

     Do they just penalize adwords ads, or are they also cracking down in the organic search as well?

  • http://www.obsessionarchery.com Chris

    So what is considered slow?  What is a good speed, what is mediocre, and what is bad? Are we talking total page load time?

  • http://crackzsl.blogspot.com/ crackzsl

    Readers only want is what they expect.
    Not view adds and videos or other stuffs jogging around web pages.

    A good web page should gives what expect from readers,
    while minimizing other unrelated items.
    web pro news also have some unrelated ads and other stuff within pages.

  • http://www.zacksays.com Zacky


    I am just wandering as to what speed does Google consider slow and fast?

    is there any specific measurement that we need to know?


  • http://theartabuser.blogspot.com Jose


    This factor cannot by itself to choose what to pay or what kind of ads will display on a certain page.

    The quality and visibility of a blog/website must be the top factors.

    Of course that we hope that Google updates their servers to become faster ?


    Best regards,



  • http://www.discountcityhotels.net London

    I think if the ad is relevant to the searched keyword and it is showing what the user is looking for then one should click on it and will definitely wait for a few more seconds to see his resulting page. But yes the page should not take much more than normal load time to distract the user. and by the way what load time google thinks should be considered as slow? I think Google should not penalize for slow landing page until and unless it is relevant to the search terms and have good information for the users.

  • http://jodis.co.ua/ O RLY?

    When this situation goes far beyond the sanity?


    It’s already way too complexx.

  • http://pyrmontvillage.com.au/ pyrmont

    Its all about the user experinence at the end of the day.

    If  this forces people to get better hsoting so be it.


  • http://www.seo4china.com China SEO Company

    Why Google doesn’t provide a benchmark for webmasters to determine what is fast enough and what is not???

  • http://www.eway.tv/ Anthony Bain

    Some sites need a lot of content to download to function and hense it takes more time….. Google think more of your customers and maybe a little less of your coffers….Google needs a serious competitor to level the playing field for all…… 

  • http://www.harristsam.com Harris Tsam

    How Google define the landing page loading speed?? Also if the website is valueable and people willing to spend more time to see, what’s wrong?? E.g. Photography website contain many photos and surely slower than ordinary News portal, but it doesn’t mean the website not attractive.

  • http://www.thefilipinoentrepreneur.com Lito | TheFilipinoEntrepreneur.Com

    Optimizing landing pages doesn’t only behefit Google and publishers but adwords advertisers as well. Having a slow landing page will have a poor conversion too because visitors tend to click the back button if they wait forever for the page to load. You don’t want your visitors to “slowly die of old age” just waiting for a single page to load.

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