Google Now Makes Suggestions In Many Languages

    October 18, 2007

It’s always nice to see Google release its products and services in non-English languages; although these launches don’t do me much good, things feel less “America-centric” as a result.  Now Google’s being extra helpful by giving search suggestions in other languages.

More other languages, I should say – the search giant had already made some efforts in this area.  But thanks to the latest release, “Query suggestions are now available in about 40 languages worldwide,” according to Edmond Lau’s post on the Official Google Blog.

It’s worth noting that Turkish is among the languages with which Google has become familiar, and one can’t help but wonder how Turkey’s problems with YouTube did (or didn’t) affect the inclusion of its official language.

To return to the main event, though, Lau went on to state, “If you don’t see them in your country, we’re working on getting them to you soon,” and it was worth pointing out, “You won’t see these suggestions all the time; we only present them when we think they are relevant and useful.”

Aside from the inherent “niceness” of this move, it’s not liable to hurt Google’s market share in any of the target countries.