Google Not Planning To Unwire The World

    November 18, 2005
    WebProNews Staff

Apparently all those reports about Google preparing to unleash an expansive wireless broadband network are simply fanciful dreams in the minds of columnists; Google says it just wants to unwire its headquarters city, Mountain View.

Well, Google has ended months of speculation on its wireless intentions, as it announced the wireless empire it allegedly intends to create won’t extend very far beyond its doorstep:

There have been reports that Google plans to unwire the world with free Wi-Fi. In fact, though, our plan is a lot simpler: to provide free Wi-Fi to the city of Mountain View, where we’re headquartered. Inside Google, people think this is a plot to make sure our Mountain View employees never stop working — but it’s actually a community outreach program.

The search company has made a similar proposal, on a much larger scale, to the city of San Francisco. Maybe they don’t plan to unwire the world, or even the country, today. But there’s no reason to think it couldn’t happen in the future, especially with all that network capability they’ve been purchasing.

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