Google Not Guaranteed Top Spot Forever

    October 30, 2007

Anyone who’s seen Alfred Hitchcock’s “The Birds” has realized that lots of little creatures can constitute an extremely dangerous force.  And as Halloween approaches, we have to ask: does Google, with its many competitors, have anything to be worried about?

If we’re to continue our analogy to “The Birds,” it’s obvious that Google is no Melanie Daniels – the search giant is more like Mitch Daniels, who strides around regardless of whether or not he’s dripping with blood.  Actually, since Google doesn’t seem to bleed, perhaps it’s Mitch Daniels in a nice suit of armor.

Still, there are a lot of birds/search engines out there.  Richard MacManus notes, “Charles Knight tracks more than 1,000 search contenders, mostly U.S.-based, for AltSearchEngines.”  Also, “[I]n 2005 and 2006, VC firms pumped $350 million into 79 search-related start-ups.”

Sooner or later, it seems that some company would happen upon a good combination of search results and public relations.  There’s no telling when this could occur – Google itself seemed to come out of nowhere, and I don’t believe “The Birds” ever explained why those little beasties attacked Bodega Bay – but the search giant might do well to keep its eyes open.