Google News Used To Be Better

    November 24, 2005

Ever since Google News changed their algorithm 4 or 5 months back it just isn’t as good.

I’m primarily talking about the front page and the main sections … the search is fine.

Google appears to be over-catering to a global audience by including many more foreign sources. I don’t have a problem with foreign news sources but here are a few examples from the current Google front page:

It’s Over for Jessica and Nick – Malaysia Star (Malaysia)
Cheney takes flak for Iraq invasion – People’s Daily Online (China)
Broncos seal Thanksgiving victory – BBC (UK)

Google News is often linking to foreign sources over American sources even when covering U.S. based news. I would like to see Google revert back to its original algorithm. There was much more variety in the news sources making the front page and a quicker changing of the links. This made for a more interesting news portal to me. I also didn’t notice the foreign sites being linked to so prominently when covering the NFL :)

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