Google Trying to Differentiate Between Blogs and News?

Where Exactly is the Line Drawn?

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Google News is now labeling certain publications as blogs in search results. I’m not sure exactly how long it has been like this, but I noticed it for the first time today. In the past they have separated "news" and "blogs" on some results pages, but in what I’m talking about now, the results are mixed together, but some publications have "(blog)" written beside their names.

You can see a few examples here:

Blogs in Google News

The system clearly has some flaws.
Notice for example, in the above screenshot, Marketing Pilgrim is not labeled as a blog. Nothing against Marketing Pilgrim, but it is clearly a blog. This is even acknowledged on Marketing Pilgrim’s own about page.

About Marketing Pilgrim

Now let’s look at this sample New York Times piece that is listed in Google News results (obviously not as a blog):

Blog-style NYT article

Look at the style of this article. It’s nothing more than a couple paragraphs that link out to none other than a New York Times-based BLOG. Now I’m not insinuating that the New York Times is merely a blog. Clearly it is a well-established, respected, and historical publication. But their site certainly has some blog-like tendencies, not to mention actual blogs (like Bits, which is linked to in the above example, and clearly considers itself a blog).

NYT Bits Blog

So I guess this opens up the ever-popular debate about what is classified as a blog. Is it based on journalism credentials? If so, then are you sure all of the publications without the blog label meet this criteria? What do you think? Share your thoughts.

This is no doubt a move aimed at appeasing the big publishers, at least to some extent. Still, I think the system has some holes.

Google Trying to Differentiate Between Blogs and News?
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  • event contact

    How does Google know, or determine, that a particular website is a BLOG?

    If I am running, say, a SELF-hosted WORDPRESS “blog” what do I need to do to make it difficult to impossible, or at least not worth the trouble of the effort, for Google to determine whether or not my website is a blog?


    • http://www.lexolutionit.com Vinisha

      There are plenty of websites on the Internet (which are not run on blogging platforms) that are actually blogs maintained by people. They follow the regular blog format where regular posts are made, invite comments etc. Likewise, people often use blogging websites like Blogger and WordPress to launch a brochure website for their business. This is maily done by small compabies who don’t have the budget to invest in an actual website but still want to claim some web presence.

      I think Google makes the differentiation between blogs and non-blogs not considering where it is launched but by the format in which content and other page elements are updated.

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