Google News Still Driving the Traffic in UK

    March 26, 2009
    Chris Crum

Hitwise recently reported that Twitter had overtaken major newspaper sites and even Google News in the UK in terms of traffic. Now they’re looking at upstream traffic from Google News and Twitter to news and media sites, and Google News is way ahead in that regard.

Google News Drives Traffic

But what are people searching for?

"The top 300 generic search terms sending traffic to Google News over the last 12 weeks accounted for a quarter of all the site’s search traffic," explains Hitwise’s Robin Goad. "Categorizing these terms based on topic we produced the following chart, which illustrates the most popular content areas that are sending search traffic to Google News UK."

Search Topics sending traffic to Google News UK

The top ten UK News searches for the twelve-week period ending March 21st were:

1. crufts
2. transport for london
3. bnp
4. crufts 2009
5. madeleine mccann
6. dogs
7. david cameron
8. 1911 census
9. 13 year old dad
10. cannabis

Entertainment and sports searches are clearly dominant in the Google News search, at least in the UK. Article marketers looking to break into News search results may want to keep this in mind.