Google News Slow To Reinstate UN Critic

Inner City Press accused Google of UN complicity

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Inner City Press, a one-man full-time operation with volunteer contributors, should be back on Google News following an anonymous complaint that caused it to be delisted.

Google claimed in an email to Inner City Press that after reviewing the site, it could no longer be included in Google News. The search advertising company alluded to “user complaints,” but offered no specifics.

Inner City Press believes the action came as a delayed reaction to its questioning of Google’s Michael T. Jones in late 2007 at a United Nations Development Program press conference. The question concerned whether or not “if Google was a member of the UN Global Compact, through which corporations sign up to principles of human rights including non-censorship.”

Considering Google’s acceptance of Chinese censorship conditions in exchange for operating its search servers in the country, that little hardball came as a surprise. Jones could not answer the question.

The answer is no, Google is not nor has ever been a member. A Fox News report gave Google’s explanation:

Google spokesman Gabriel Stricker told FOXNews.com that “Google generally does not sign petitions or join coalitions but prefers to support public-engagement and advocacy efforts through the work of Google.org and by leveraging our products, such as Google Earth.”

This quickly takes a turn for the conspiratorial. Inner City Press, long accredited by the UN as well as by US federal agencies, dropped this little bombshell:

In fact, UNDP sources describe communications from the UN system to Google executives, asking that Inner City Press be de-listed from Google News, and that a well-read blog, UNDP-Watch, be striken from that data base.

Recently a whistleblower in UNDP’s legal department had his office computer impounded and was told, you have visited InnerCityPress.com multiple times. While the interrogation reflected contempt for the freedom to read and freedom of the press, the issue goes far beyond the corporate culture at UNDP, to that of Google.

The Government Accountability Project also criticized Google for delisting Inner City Press.

“Google’s reference to ‘user complaints’ is disturbing,” said Bea Edwards, International Director. “We can’t help wondering who is complaining about Inner City Press. Considering their continuing coverage of U.N. whistleblower issues, it

Google News Slow To Reinstate UN Critic
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  • RichmondG30

    This story should send a chilling message.  Not to Inner City Press or the thousands of private bloggers and watchdogs in the Internet, but to the censoring, conniving, Leftist organizations like Google and the U.N. (and Dan Rather/CBS News for that matter!)

    Your censorship days are over.  This story has spread throughout the world like wildfire, and Google has backtracked completely.

    Way to go Lee.  Congratulations to you and all who work tirelessly to protect our freedom of speech.

    F you, UN.  Chalk one up for the little guys!

  • Angela

    Can we say censhorship??? I don’t think I will be using Google at home or at my business anymore. I will also get my family and friends to use something else.

  • Lloyd

    Thank God we have brave people in the world like Lee. Google you deserve to die for what you are trying to do to freedom!

    Do you hear that Microsoft & Yahoo???? If you believe in freedom don’t let Google rum away with the internet world!


  • http://liquidwealthonline.com Perfect Wealth Formula

    Wouldn’t it be nice if our freedoms of speech were applied across the board?  If only Google would be painted in the media as the devil they truly are.  I guess all corporations get this way once they’re making billions.

  • Guest

    I am afraid the Inet is controled by people who put freedom of the press below corporate profits. Google is a perfect example of what happens to idealist when they get some money. I think Google should be boycotted…. for a very long time. Hey wikipedia…. how about a good search engine to replace Google? I Think Google also has some serious privacy issues lets dump them…..

  • Guest

    This is the final straw for Google. I’m making Yahoo! my new home page and search engine.

  • Mac4u

    Your intended censorship has not only completely backfired, it has brought even more attention to the work of Inner City Press and other bloggers.  Thanks again from a new ICP follower.

    PS – I’m now getting out of the Google habit, I usually search several times per day.

    PSS – Thanks to David Utter as well, have added WebProNews to my Favorites list as well.

  • Guest

    beware matthew lee…the UN attempt to "silence" you is just beginning

  • Guest

    I used to use Google News professionally as a source for news.  No  more.

  • http://www.RickSiegel.com Rick

    Google censored the story of Sandra Day O’Connor resigning because of death threats from US Senators. As the only US outlet to cover that along with one other Japanese news outlet Google actually blacked out the article on their cache and dropped links to the story.

    Google’s close ties with the CIA can be associated with CIA sale of $5Bln in stock to fund covert activities outside the GAO. The sale of stock earned from a deal on Google Earth technologies.
    Recent revelations of the direct link to Homeland Security from all telecommunication hubs means nothing gets by without being stopped and frisked.
    You may not be hiding anything to be afraid of the government but they are afraid of something and have hidden your unalienable rights under totally restrictive networks of corporate codes.
    Facebook just turned in a user from Iran who has been arrested recently after being identified by Facebook. Corporations work for each other not for people. Corporations feed on people.
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