Google News Changes The Way It Clusters Articles

    May 14, 2008

Google says it is changing the way its news articles on a related subject will appear in its search results.

The company says it will still group related news articles in clusters, but will extend the amount of time the articles will stay grouped together.

 From the official Google News Blog,"We’ve removed the three day limitation, meaning that stories will stay in clusters (and be easier to find) for as long as they’re in our index."

"Since stories in Google News remain indexed for 30 days, you’ll find clusters for any news stories from the past month. Of course, this doesn’t mean that every article is going to appear in a cluster – just that clusters won’t be broken up anymore."

Google also says the new feature will allow it to display a wider variety of search results on the first page. "Less space will be taken up by individual, unclustered articles. I think this brings us a step closer to our goal of making news universally accessible from as many sources, perspectives and languages as the world can offer."