Google Needs K Street View Of DC

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The growing scrutiny of the company’s stated aim to organize all the world’s information, and its more prosaic acquisition of DoubleClick, means Google has to pay more attention to Washington’s K Street lobbying practices.

Google Needs K Street View Of DC
Google Needs K Street View Of DC

Navigating the unfriendly streets of DC by car will lead the first-time driver to encounter the city’s challenging traffic circles. These were designed at a time when the horse and buggy were the transportation method of choice.

You can’t lose your head when trying to merge a very modern auto with the high-speed traffic flying around them. Google has encountered its traffic circle in DC in the form of lawmakers and regulatory agencies, and those are nearly as lethal to a relatively free-wheeling tech company as the real ones are for drivers.

Google will have permanent digs in the Capitol in October, according to a Bloomberg report on the company’s plans. The political reality of Washington has set in for Google; tribute must be paid to lawmakers, in the form of lobbying.

Analyst Blair Levin of Stifel Nicolaus said in the report that Google’s relationship with Washington could have a long-term impact on its stock. He noted the reality of how the company may have to make the occasional deal with the devil to get what it wants:

Tradeoffs that are routine in Washington — making a concession on one issue to win on another — may prove difficult for Google, Levin said. A company will typically lend support to a lawmaker who backs one of its initiatives, even after finding the official’s views on other items “abhorrent,” he said.

“Google has a certain kind of uncompromising sensibility that will be tested in this context,” Levin said.

Al Gore’s pal Eric Schmidt may not like the idea of playing nice with a Republican Senator on a key committee. Lobbyists may have to tell him to suck it up and deal with it. Washington politics is anything but a carefree ride around the Googleplex on a bike.

Google Needs K Street View Of DC
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  • dotWORLDS

    “At a time when Google proposes to amass ever more sensitive and personal information on Internet users worldwide, Google’s lack of responsibility in actively distributing unsupported libel has given many, real cause for concern. It is the unique status of libel law in America that allows Google immunity from prosecution from anything they publish on www.google.com. And yes, that includes anything they’d like to publish about you” claims Brian Retkin Director dotWORLDS.

    By allowing defamation, libel and character assassination to be posted on their Search Engine by the unverified, the alias and the anonymous, Google undermines and threatens individuals and corporations alike

    • Dillon Pyron

      Your contentions that Google is publishing libel without a court finding to that effect is, in fact, libelous. You are a money hungry megalomaniac who foists a useless product on the naive. You have made false claims in the past with regard to sale of the .us domain, which should probably be actionable by the UK’s ASA. You seek to quell any discussion on your company, claiming it’s all false. This, in itself, is libelous.

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