Google Names Susan Wojcicki SVP


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Susan Wojcicki is an important figure in Google's history for all sorts of reasons, which we'll run through in a moment.  But it looks like she'll play an important role in its future, too, as word has come that Wojcicki was named a senior vice president yesterday.

A little background info: Wojcicki is the person who rented her garage to Larry and Sergey when they were in the process of founding Google.  She later became Google employee number 18, and managed to create everything from Google Doodles to AdSense over the years.

One more interesting point: Wojcicki became Sergey's sister-in-law when he married her younger sister, Anne, in 2007.

As for the latest development, Claire Cain Miller reported, "Ms. Wojcicki has been named a senior vice president, Eric E. Schmidt, Google's chief executive, announced on Monday in a memo to Google employees. . . .  She was formerly a vice president, of which there are dozens at Google.  She joins eight other senior vice presidents."

Miller then added, "Ms. Wojcicki's day-to-day job will remain the same, overseeing all Google advertising products, including AdWords, AdSense and DoubleClick."