Google Musical Opens; English Books Close

    July 31, 2006
    WebProNews Staff

It’s official. Google geek-chic has become so sexy they’ve made a musical tribute. Google: The Musical opens next week inMinnesota? In the spirit of l337 and Internet English, it may promise satisfactorily deplorable language mechanics.

Well it seems only fitting that Google-centered theatrics are born of academia; the show debuts at the University of Minnesota. The homepage for the show spoofs Google’s homepage, complete with search bar and interesting spelling. The University must be proud.

The synopsis:

Google is taking over the world – one thought at a time. An entirely original darkly-comedic electronic musical. Librarians, DJs and zombies – it’s a brave new world.

This fable about the dangers of information ubiguity will make you laugh, cry and run home to your Internet.

Ubiguity, of course, is better than ubiquity. Not only is it in all places at once, but it’s stinkin’ huge in all places at once. It’s ubiguitous.

“Infamous is when you’re more than famous. This guy El Guapo is not just famous, he’s IN-famous,” said Ned Nederlander.

Original? Maybe. But didn’t I see this on an episode of Google Park?

The musical was written by Drew Hammond, who also is directing the production. The cast and crew biography page says he and the Internet are “best friends.” His English teacher, however, has stopped talking to him.

From the description at Minnesota Fringe:

There it is – the beginning of the most significant shift in the onus of knowledge in human history. Everyone will have it all; everyone will be a genius. But what then is the responsibility of Google? What happens if Google gets something wrong? And most importantly, what prevents we as ‘consumers of information’ from becoming dependent?

Heady topic. Bad grammar. What prevents he from learning the difference between subjects and objects? Maybe him’s too busy promoting the musical.

If it’s good, we’ll forgive you.

*This article was read and reread for typos. If I’ve goofed, feel free to launch tomatoes at will.

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