Google Mobile Makes Setup Easier

    June 27, 2008

Cellphones can be far too complicated.  They fit in your palm and weigh two ounces, yet the instruction manuals resemble short novels.  So, with a sort of monkeys-can-do-it simplicity, a new site aims to show users the all-around wonderfulness of Google Mobile.

While in your comfortable office chair and in front of a big monitor, go to  Once there, you’ll see an illustrated list of manufacturers, and as Shoaib Makani, a member of the Google Mobile team, notes, "you’ll get to see the Google products that are available.  You can click on a product to get more information and watch a short video."

Google Mobile
 Google Mobile At Its Simplest

Then, assuming you like what you see – and Google seems sure that you will – "just enter your mobile number and we’ll send a link directly to your phone so you don’t have to type the address."  Carrier charges may apply, although Google hasn’t established any fees of its own.

And that’s about it.  Short of the not-recommended step of grabbing Matt Cutts (or Makani) at some conference, would-be Google Mobile users can’t really ask for (and shouldn’t really need) any more help.

This development probably isn’t aimed at a techie crowd, though.  Take it as yet another sign that Google (along with the company’s competitors) is trying to carve out as large a market share in the mobile market as possible.