Google Mini Now Even More Mini

    March 2, 2006
    WebProNews Staff

The hardware side of Google now offers a fourth configuration of its Google Mini search appliance with the lowest price tag yet.

Only $1,995 out of the Information Technology budget will enable a business to obtain a 50,000-document version of Google’s hardware search machine. The Google Mini has four configurations available now for installation on the corporate intranet.

The high-end configuration that can index 300,000 documents became available in January 2006. But Google saw a need to address the other side of the business market, as noted by InternetNews:

“Last time, we added the capacity needed to index a company’s intranet,” Rajen Sheth, product manager, Google Enterprise, said. “But there’s a large untapped market on the low end. They have a need for search.”

A single Google Mini can scale from the low-end of 50,000 to the more voluminous 300,000 document capability, simply by paying for an upgraded license. All versions include the first year of support; a second year of support that includes upgrades and hardware replacement would cost $995 according to Google.

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