Google Might Have Let More Than The KitKat Out Of The Bag


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The buzz about Google's newest KitKat Android has really activated Android enthusiast's sweet teeth, and both Google and Nestle have played upon this growing desire for sweet treats. When Google announced the name "KitKat" and their partnership with Nestle, they took full advantage of the opportunities splayed before them, offering prizes and contests, and allowing Nestle to play around with stereotypical phone advertisements.

As charming as that stunt was, Google has stolen the spotlight from their partner by releasing their own announcement video for the KitKat. The video, displayed below, shows a gaggle of Google employees gathered around in a courtyard for the unveiling of a statue, a tradition that occurs every time Google announces the arrival of a new Android. An adorable statue of the Andoird mascot made out of KitKat bars is now nestled betwixt other android mascots made out of jelly beans, ginger bread, and so forth. The video is light-hearted and fun, complete with plinky-plonky music and... a sneak peak at the next Nexus?

Pausing right about the 38 second mark will allow one to see a man holding a phone unlike any previously seen models, with a larger camera lens and perhaps an LED flash, as well as a possible Samsung logo. The phone is also bigger than the previous Nexus 4, which is shown in the hands of a woman wearing a blue top, who is standing next to the man with the possible Nexus 5.

Nothing is certain, but the signs certainly indicate that the phone is the new Nexus 5. Google quickly pulled the video from its official channel, and has dropped the Nexus 4's price by $100, saying they don't plan to restock the 8GB version after it sells out. The Nexus 5 is certainly coming son, and we may have just gotten a sneak peek of it. Only time will only tell, though.

Image courtesy of the Google KitKat announcement video, found here on YouTube.