Google, Microsoft Endorse Declaration Of Health Data Rights

    June 23, 2009

Google and Microsoft make no bones about wanting people’s medical records; that’s what Google Health and Microsoft Health are in large part about.  But since many folks still aren’t ready to hand them over, both companies tried to take a reassuring step last night by endorsing the Declaration of Health Data Rights.

The Declaration of Health Data Rights came about in response to technological innovations and recently introduced healthcare ideas.  You can see its main principles listed below.

Declaration of Health Data Rights

A list of supporters is also impressive to behold.  At this point, the Declaration of Health Data Rights has earned 311 endorsements from individuals including Clay Shirky, Deven McGraw of the Center for Democracy & Technology, and David Bergman of the Stanford University School of Medicine.

Anyway, on the Google Public Policy Blog, Roni Zeiger, MD, and Missy Krasner wrote, "We hope the Declaration will help raise public awareness about the rights already protected under HIPAA and also help drive the public debate towards increasing patient access and control over their own health data.  Strong health data rights will help patients collaborate with their doctors in order to get better care and avoid medical errors."

And on Microsoft’s HealthBlog, Bill Crounse, MD, mostly echoed the official Declaration of Health Rights statement, but he also encouraged readers to "join the revolution."