Google, Microsoft Compete For College Email

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Universities have been opting for email services managed by Microsoft or Google as a desirable alternative to running email as an in-house operation.

The choice looks relatively straightforward: spend money on maintaining and upgrading email systems for college students, or participate in a Google or Microsoft program that provides student email and other web-based applications for free.

Windows Live @ Edu

For habitually cash-strapped colleges, selecting Windows Live @ Edu or Google Apps Education Edition makes sense. Andy Guess at Inside Higher Ed suggested such outsourcing will become the standard at most institutions over the next few years.

Both Google and Microsoft have been rapidly gaining converts, as Guess noted:

Jeff Keltner, Google’s enterprise specialist for collaboration products, said institutions at six of the seven continents use its education services, with several hundred thousand active users logging in at a regular basis from several thousand campuses around the world.

The senior product manager for Microsoft’s Live @ edu program, Bruce Gabrielle, said the company has some 450 higher education clients, which ballooned from 300 since the end of June. “A lot of awareness is spreading virally,” he said.

Microsoft and Google have similar aims in mind: build brand loyalty with students and hope they can keep it once he or she graduates. Today’s Gmail or Live @ Edu user could be tomorrow’s regular viewer of advertising on the company’s other properties. Or even a corporate decision-maker opting to spend money with the two Internet rivals.

Guess also cited the trend toward other web-based applications for higher education, where software as a service has made inroads where shrinkwrapped or home-brewed applications once dominated the landscape.

Campus IT staff may not like the outsourcing trend, but the cash savings will be significant enough that more campuses will consider it. Universities have generous Internet connections and a student body that expects more than a basic email account during their attendance.

The schools look like they are willing to let Google or Microsoft fulfill those expectations.

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Google, Microsoft Compete For College Email
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  • Jim Kreilich

    Been working on educational entities for past year and half with some
    success…none at CVTC yet..if not familiar with GOOGLE/apps
    for Education..they get a FREE version with NO ads for students…also
    lifetime student domain name..Microsoft LIVE similiar
    http://wistechnology.com/article.php?id=4362 you can comment at end
    of press release

    This topic was raised over a year ago…many colleges/states have
    surged ahead….it not that difficult!

    Western Technical College went to Microsoft Live… their students
    have 500 TIMES the CVTC email quota

    Moraine Park Technical College will announce GOOGLE/apps adoption in
    January!!!…they will have 500 TIMES the

    CVTC quota..with 20 MB attachments…quota soon to go to 10GB (10,000,000,000)

    Moraine Park has a Collegis/Sungard CIO!!!!!!!!!!!!!! their students
    will be able to get email on their cell phones!!!

    they actually checked
    my sources..talked to the CIOs!!

    Please read the Central Piedmont Community College case study…they
    are in Research Triangle area on East Coast..we want to be leaders in


    They serve 70,000 STUDENTS!!!!!!!

    If you support exploring more..please forward to others to make them
    aware of issue…they can comment on article on WISTechnology

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